Leave our Wild Mustangs alone!

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There are More Captive tigers in the U.S. than in the whole Wild World!

There Are More Captive Tigers In The U.S. Than In The Wild Worldwide. This Bill Could Change That
Big cats, big problems.


In Carole Baskin’s dream world, there would be no lions and tigers in cages. That includes at her own facility — a certified sanctuary called Big Cat Rescue, in Tampa, Florida.

Big Cat Rescue is home to 89 lions, tigers, ocelots, sand cats, bobcats, cougars and other big cats. Baskin keeps a spreadsheet of how each animal got to her, along with information about the animals that she’s been contacted about but hasn’t taken in.

It’s a grim read. There’s a bobcat kept as a pet, whose owner no longer wants him. A lioness seized in a drug raid. A tiger and a lion who used to be with the circus. A coatimundi losing his home because his owners are getting divorced...

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Stand up for Elephants! Don’t buy ivory!

There is an elephant killed every 15 minutes. Will there be any left in 5 years!

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A good ending for Joey, an abandoned dog and his rescuer, Lisa.

It is good to know that there is still good in mankind today. Watch this wonderful video of a dog, tied to a pole and his rescuer, Lisa Snyder, who had fallen on bad time..

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Lucky, a Blind Elephant is rescued from the bright lights of the circus

Lucky, an elephant blinded by the lights of the circus is rescued and sent to the Elephant Sanctuary by Lek. She will be so happy. All of the other elephants rush to see her and comfort her, talking to her, touching her and letting her know that she is safe now.

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Hope for Paws is such a wonderful Rescue.

Hope for Paws helps many dogs in very bad situations. I am amazed at how Elrad gets these paniced, frightened dogs to trust him. He is an amazing guy. Watch this video of this golden retriever that was rescued from a truck stop.

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Snorkler saves baby whale from fishing net.

In the Sea of Cortez, a small boat and 4 people saved a whale that was totally entrapped in fishing net. This whale would have drowned. His fins were wrapped in the net as well as his tale. It is so wonderful they could help him..


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Save the elephants today so they will be around in 10 years!

Elephant poaching is so cruel where not only is the adult elephant is killed, the babies are left over. Poaching is as bad as terriorism. All ivory needs to be banned all over the world and thousands of more troops need to get over the Africa where the elephants are being killed.


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Cecil, the Lion is changing the World!


As the story of Cecil the lion continues to defy the desires of those wishing his story would just disappear, and continues to provide the motivations for those that desire his story to ride the wave of change, this story also seems to have evolved into the modern day biblical version of David vs. Goliath.

Goliath, of course, represents the hunting industry, their army of lobbyists and endless supply of financial might; including those that spend $50,000 for the right to kill a lion, much like you might spend $5.00 to purchase a box of cereal. David, on the other hand, represents the concerned animal rights supporters that are incensed, enraged and angered that such a senseless activity even exists in the first place.

Despite this anger and demand for “Justice for Cecil,” most people pro...

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Bikke, the Chipmunk likes fresh sheets!!

Look how this cute chipmunk is lovin these fresh sheets! Who would think he is just like a human?


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