Our Goats will be two years old in June.

Hi Everyone. I have not been posting for awhile because I have been very busy selling Subarus.Two years ago, I rescued a 3 month old Nigerian Pygmy goat (Bunnie) and Leo is a 4 month old Alpine/LaMancha. He is very sweet and they are buddies. 6 months later, I rescued two Nubians, Bruce (white band) and Josh (all brown) who were being fattened up for slaughter. Oh no. How horrible because goats are like big dogs with hooves.
They have great personalities and can help you with weeds, products milk or give you babies. BUT I am vegetarian so I don’t eat meat and I love rescuing animals. They will be two years oldl this June. Wow, they are growing fast. This is our second summer where we will not have rattle snacks. The goats have eaten the weeds away and make enough noise where the snakes are not happy. Any of you goat lovers out there need to give me a shout. Goats are fun!!


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