Chain Free mean Pain Free

Carol Buckley who started the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, TN is working in Nepal and Thailand to create chain free corrals for the hard working elephants.

Watch this wonderful video of how it changes their lives and how you can help.

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Big Cat Rescue shares the story of Reise, the Cougar and JoJo the Hybrid.

Big Cat Rescue does such a great job of rescuing big cats that are chained in garages, confiscated from crack houses, taken from abusive situations and rescued from homes and inadequate so called sanctuaries that run out of money. Here is their story.

Become a part of our program or go directly to their website of and donate.

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Here is a video of how poor MIckey walks. So painful, so sad.

Here is a video of how poor tortured Mickey, the lame cougar rescued from The Animal Place in
Alabama walks. His back knees are blown out. I hope and pray that the wonderful vets at Big Cat Rescue can help him. If you don’t want to become a part of our fund raising program which gives back a little each month with residual income from grocery shopping on our online shopping mall, consider donating directly to Big Cat Rescue. See and click on donate link.

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Horrific cruelty from The Animal Place where Mickey, the lame cougar came from.

Animal Cruelty Near My Own Hometown…..

Moulton is a small town of 3,000 people located in northern Alabama. It’s less than an hour from the town where I grew up. The people are friendly, church-going conservatives.

And it’s the home to horrific animal cruelty.

Meet Carolyn Atchison. For a decade, she contracted with Lawrence County, Alabama, to operate the holding facility for the county’s animal control services. In return she received $70,000 a year, use of and gasoline for a county truck, and a cell phone. She lost her contract in 2013.

She’s also the owner of Animal House Zoo, a backyard zoo housing all sorts of exotic animals...

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Animal Defenders International rescues Pepe, a monkey, a Mother and Father lion and two cubs from a circus in Peru


Huge rescue mission launched in Peru to save suffering circus animals
Posted: 15 August 2014. Updated: 15 August 2014

Animal Defenders International (ADI) is embarking on an important collaboration with Peru’s authorities including SERFOR (wildlife and environment), ATFFS (enforcement), and the police.

ADI is providing complete logistical support for the Peruvian authorities as they enforce rules to eliminate the suffering of wild animals in traveling circuses.

In the past week ADI and SERFOR teams have removed nine lions from three different circuses in Huaral, Ayacucho and Cusco in Peru.

The animals are being held in a temporary custody centre specifically built by ADI for the rescue mission, called Operation Spirit of Freedom...

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This months news from the David Sheldrick Trust Fund on the baby elephants.


The Nursery

July has been a busy time with five orphans rescued throughout the month. These included two orphans from Tsavo, Kono and Rasasi, both coming to us in a desperate state. A two month old bull called Murit retrieved from a well in the Namunyak Conservancy in Northern Kenya, and two infants, one called Kerio from the Kerio Valley in western Kenya, and another we named Arabukko from the Arabuko – Sokoke Forest on the coast of Kenya. Sadly only Murit survived. The extreme circumstances surrounding the other four sadly cost them their lives despite our very best efforts. More details about their individual stories can be read in the Nursery Summary. Read Kono’s story in detail on this link:

Of course it...

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Some positive thoughts from Will Smith

Your thoughts can rule your life. If you are positive, you have gratitude, you think you are successful. You think you have good health, You are happy, this can affect everybody and anything you do.This makes your kids, your pets and your life a better experience.

When you are happy your pets are happy. The whole world would be a better place. Your business will be more successful too!!

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Pet FREAKIN Tigers

Here is the story of how these big cats are raised and abused in backyard breeding.

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A Life of captivity through the eyes of Nikita, the white tiger


I was born into a sea of light. What a strange world, one that would light up with camera flashes whenever I was around. They’d take pictures of me, they’d take pictures with me. These humans seemed to think I was something strange. Was I? Is that why my mother wasn’t with me?

The first year of my life, I was so tired. All I wanted to do was sleep like a baby. But, my owner dragged me out whenever people came to visit. It seemed everyone wanted a picture with me. I must have been special since my white fur was definitely very different than the orange fur on the tigers I saw in cages around me.

I grew bigger and bigger by the day. I got so big that my owner would chain me down to a wooden box so people would still be able to take my picture. I hated this...

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Humans are abused as well as animals in the Middle Eastern countries like Quatar, a RICH country.

Migrant workers travel to Quatar to find work for their families and have some unpleasant surprises. Not getting paid for a year? :(

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