An Elephant is killed every 20 minutes!

Let’s help save the elephants from extinction. Tell the Obama Administration to stop trade of ivory here in the U.S.

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Carriage horses are dangerous when out of control!


The News
On Sunday morning, a carriage horse escaped from her handler and fled down 11th Avenue in midtown Manhattan. Police officers chased the spooked horse in vehicles with flashing lights, which could have made him even more frantic. If the incident had taken place at a busier time, the horse could have easily crashed into a moving car, which has happened many times in the past when horses break free in midtown.


The fleeing horse is symbolic of an industry out of control since the ASPCA relinquished its humane law enforcement duties in January. On Friday, The Daily News published a letter about the chaos written by Elizabeth Forel, president of the Coalition to Ban Horse-drawn Carriages:

horse-drawn carriage letter

Because horses are flight animals, many have spooked and fled frant...

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Foster a baby elephant from David Sheldrick Foundation and make their dreams come true.

These sweet little baby elephants have lost their parents to the wicked poachers. Every 15 minutes, a beautiful elephant and their families are slaughtered. Watch this touching video and consider fostering a baby elephant for $55 for the while year. That is .15 a day to help care for these precious babies.

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Two brothers from Big Cat Rescue


Every time I see these two brothers, Andre and Arthur, they are laying by each other or on top of each other. It is amazing how siblings are close. Just like my 4 kitties that will be 3 years old in March of 2015.
They are always together, licking each other, playing and sleeping with each other. This is Boots on the left, Hunter in the middle and Silky on the right. Cheddar tends to want to be alone.

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The new baby elephant at the Reid Park Zoo loves life!

I lived in Tucson for 5 years. They had two elephants, Connie and Shaba that had been together for a long time. Connie was an Asian elephant and Shaba was an African elephant. Connie treated Shaba like her baby. They came from two different situations, one from a petting zoo and I am not sure where the other ele came from. They revamped the elephant exhibit. Sent both elephants off to San Diego Safari Park. Connie died 6 months later of cancer. I guess she had it and they did not diagnose it or something weird. They built 6 acres of the new elephant park. Still not much room for 6 new elephants from San Diego. This new baby elephant was just born. She is cute. I hope they don’t have any more though. They need more room for now 7 elephants.

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Kind Lifer Rachel & Her Inspiring Activism


September 3, 2014|By Rachel Carbary
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I was about 27 years old when I finally took the blinders off and acknowledged my role in what is the animal holocaust known as factory farming. I watched a short film online called Meet your Meat. Looking back I am not sure how I ended up clicking that link, but I guess it was the universe helping steer me towards my future. A couple of years after becoming a vegetarian I asked for the book The Kind Diet for Christmas. I grew up watching Alicia Silverstone in movies and music videos so I was excited to learn of her compassionate lifestyle...

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Horse Drawn Carriages -Accidents waiting to happen!


Almost every day there is something in the media about the carriage horse issue in NYC.

During his election campaign last year, Mayor deBlasio promised to ban horse-drawn carriages in NYC – but we are still waiting. Will the bill be introduced this month or next, or do we have to wait for the New Year? If the Mayor does not do as promised, it could hurt him politically and he will be seen as a flip flopper. Let’s hope that is not the case and when the bill is finally introduced, it has weight and is something we can support.

We also hope the Mayor’s office gets behind it and fights for it with gusto. We do not want inaction and a shrug of “well I tried but the Council does not support it.” We will not buy that...

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Kali, the tiger gets rescued and sent to Big Cat Rescue.

Zeus who was rescued this summer from a New York facility is trying to flirt with Kali, a newly rescued and relocated big cat from an Atlanta facility.

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Poor Mali, the lonely elephant in Phillipines needs to go to sanctuary


Here is Mali, a lonely elephant who is 36 years old and has spent her whole life alone. Elephants are social animals and she needs some friends. I hope they can get her to a sanctuary in Thailand.

Here is her lonely, boring life. Her feet are in bad shape standing on concrete all day long. No mental stimulation, lonely, suffering.
Get her out of there.

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Cougar and Caracal/Serval hybrid rescued after sanctuary closes down.

These lucky cats were rescued by Big Cat Rescue where they have spacious enclosures with lush trees, grass and ponds to swim in. They also get to go out for a month in the 2 acre cat vacation area where they can romp and play, climb trees and swim in the pond.

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