10 Wonderful Things Bob Barker has done for animals!

10 Extraordinary Things Bob Barker Has Done For Animals

Bob Barker hosts THE PRICE IS RIGHT Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2001 CBS Worldwide Inc. All Right Reserved.

Bob Barker hosts THE PRICE IS RIGHT
Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS
©2001 CBS Worldwide Inc. All Right Reserved.

By: Susan BirdMay 20, 2014
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He’s won multiple Emmys. He’s appeared in movies. He’s known all over the world for his 35 years as host of TV’s “The Price is Right.” If you asked Bob Barker, 90, what his life’s greatest achievement really is, however, chances are he’ll tell you it’s animal advocacy.

Much like Sam Simon, co-creator of “The Simpsons,” Barker believes in putting his wealth to use now, not after he’s gone. Here are only 10 of the many amazing things he’s done to advocate for animal rights and animal welfare:


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The Orphanage

Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick runs an orphanage for the babies left behind when their parents or entire families are killed for their ivory. She has been doing this her whole life. Once they are rescued, rehabilitated (some die) and become a part of her herd there, they grow up and are released into a sanctuary area. They never forget what she has done for them so they come back with their babies and she hugs them.

It is wonderful and will make you cry.

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A young male elephant named Boromoko is rescued by David Sheldrick Team

An orphaned baby elephant approximately 16 months old was rescued by the David Sheldrick team after he was discovered wandering around with a young female who knew he was in a weak state. Watch this video and also sponsor him and any other elephant at this wonderful sanctuary in AFrica.

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Please help Soi Dog save dogs from being slaughtered in Thailand.

Soi Dog is a wonderful dog rescue in Thailand where they steal, capture and breed dogs for human consumption. this is a brutal trade. Dog and cat meat is considered to be more succulent or more desirable when the poor animal is tortured before they are killed. They are also skinned alive. Please donate at least $15.00 a month to help them heal and feed the thousand dogs they have saved.

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3 Elephants are united and watch what happens!

Lek at the Elephant Care Center reunits an Auntie with the mother and her daughter, It is wonderful.

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The Elephants that came to Dinner.

There is a lodge in Africa where the elephants go on their migrant path through this lodge that was built in their way to gorge on the fruit that grows in the backyard of this lodge. The elephants have developed trust in the people there and it is quite amazing. I would love to go there sometime!

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Poor Nosey is still alone after being stolen from her home in Africa.

Nosey is 30 years old and forced to give rides by her cruel owner, Hugo Liebel. He has been repeating violations for all these years. She has been with him since she was a baby. He beats her, electro shocks her. She has skin problems, sore feet and arthritis. We are all trying to get her to a sanctuary. If you see her, go on Facebook to report to some of the groups trying to save her such as PETA.

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Elephants don’t like bees -Save the Elephants Project

In Kenya, Africa, they are making honey bee fences to keep the elephants away from the farmers crops. They get honey from the bees to see and they also keep their crops safe.
How wonderful is that?

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Animal Defenders International rescued 39 monkeys and sends them to the Amazon.

Wonderful AD-International rescues Wooley monkeys, coati mundis, spider monkeys and many other types of animals stolen in the illegal pet trade and sends them to sanctuaries in the Amazon by air, boat and river. How wonderful. Donate if you can. They need your money.

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A beautiful white German Shepard gets rescued from the desert.

Hope for Paws is a wonderful dog rescue that has gone to the ends of the earth to rescued poor abandoned dogs left by heartless, cruel humans in the most horrible places. This beautiful white German Shepard was abandoned in the desert and rescued by this wonderful group.

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