Mwashoti, a baby elephant with a horrible snare wound is rescued!

The wonderful David Sheldrick Trust Foundation has rescued another baby that almost lost his leg due to a snare wound. His mother stayed by his side but she was deteriorating too for lack of food and water. He would have lost his leg so it was decided to rescue him and bring him to the safety of the DSWT. The other babies have welcomed him and let’s hope he heals and they can have him rejoin his family.

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Free Tony the Tiger from the truck stop in Gross Tete, LA

It has been 15 years now and this beautiful bengel tiger named Tony has spent his life in a cage at a diesel truck stop in Gross Tete, LA. He is owned by an egotisical idiot named Michael Sandlin who gets off on owning tigers until they die. He has a stuff ed one white one over the bar at his truck stop. He has had 23 of them. ALDF and people who love and respect Tony have been trying to get him released to a sanctuary where he can be with other tigers, roaming on soft earth, feeling the sun on his face and being a tiger. Sign any petitions you see for him. We need to get him FREE.

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Dudley has a new ball at The Gentle Barn in Tennessee!

Look at how smart this gentle cow is! She is smart and aware of this ball. They are not dumb but people think they are!! Don’t eat them. Go Vegan!

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Listen to interview with Susan Bass, Marketing Director of Big Cat Rescue

You will learn alot listening to the interview of do and don't when you encounter a place that offers pictures or petting with tiger cubs, etc. CLICK ON THIS LINK.


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Why you should not go to Six Flags Amusement Park in Florida

Six flags has had many animal die. There is animal abuse there, loud screaming, too small of spaces and it is a bad place for animals. Let’s boycott this place and get PETA to go after them. Do NOT go there!!

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Elderly lion is released from his rusty metal cage and feels grass for first time.

This poor lion had spent 13 years of his life in a metal cage in the circus. Watch the joy and elation as he bounds out of his cage and feels the dirt and grass under his feet. It is so sad that man does this to these majestic animals.

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Here is Elephant Haven, the first Elephant sanctuary in Europe

Now that many circuses are being banned from using elephants, they need a place to retire. Up and coming is the first elephant sanctuary in Europe. Many zoos have aging elephants that also need a home. Watch this video and donate what you can to help them create this wonderful sanctuary.

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The story of a rescue of 4 young foals from a slaughterhouse.

This is from the Cloud Foundation. Our wonderful wild horses are being rounded up and sent to slaughter houses or holding facilities where they have no shelter from the wind or cold or hot summer sun. BLM has thousands of horses that are living in their own filth. It is so sad because once they all roamed free now for a life of rotting in the sun. The cattle ranchers want to strip the land naked with their cattle that eat every morsel of grass and suck up every drop of water. If we went vegan or each began to eat less meat, this would not be happening.

Allegro’s Journey
The Story of a Wild Horse Orphan
May 2015


She was the oldest and the bravest, a black foal with an irregular jigsaw blaze. We named her Allegro.



It was April, 2014 when I first saw Allegro with three other orphan foa...

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Carole Buckley: Making a Difference for Elephants

Carole Buckley started The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohwenwald, Tennessee 30 years ago. She is making a difference for the chained elephants over in Nepal and Thailand. Watch this wonderful video and see how she is retraining mahouts and teaching them to care for their elephants. The changes in the elephant’s lives is amazing.

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Seaboard Food uses terrible cruelty on pigs for Walmart

Walmart pork supplier Seaboard Foods uses terrible cruelty on baby pigs and adult pigs in a process plant. There is no excuse for this. Sign this petition so we can stop Walmart for using a processor that uses sick employees to do their dirty work.

Graphic Images!!

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