Even though man is cruel to animals, he can be KIND also.

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OPen letter to Mayor Bill DeBlasio on WHEN Horse Drawn Carriages will be banned??


Carriage horses suffer in heat; driver exploits system and ignores the law; high turnover – where do all the horses go?

Dear Mayor deBlasio:

In 2006, our organization, the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages, started the campaign to ban the horse carriage trade–more than 8 years ago. Since that time, we have persistently and consistently lobbied, campaigned and educated people about this issue. We were thrilled when you were elected.

When you were campaigning to be elected mayor, you made a promise to ban horse-drawn carriages. You even said you would do it on your first day in office, which we knew was not practical. So we waited...

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Andre, a 177 lb Loggerhead turtle is released after boat injury

Watch this video of the Loggerhead Marine Conservation that helped repair Andre’s shell, get the sand out of his body, fix his spinal cord and many other injuries after a boat accident.

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Dog and Goose hated everyone until they found each other!


Have you heard the expression “opposites attract but likes stick?” It seems this applies to non-humans as well. A sweet story about a German shepherd dog headed for death row and a wayward goose with attitude issues comes from Puriton Horse and Animal Rescue in Somerset, England. The rescue’s goal is “to stop suffering in the animal world, and to provide a home for any cat, dog, horse or rabbit.”

The dog named Rex has been at Puritan Rescue for about 8 years. He was three years old when he was rescued from the end of a chain in a junkyard. The first shelter he was sent to was ready to euthanize him because his bad behavior rendered him unadoptable. That’s when Puritan Rescue got involved.

Rex was even a challenge to feed, requiring one person to distract him while another put...

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Almost Wild: Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

This video features monkeys that have been rescued from research laboratories.

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The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota is a wonderful sanctuary too!

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Vegan is the New Black

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Sam Simon of The SImpsons helped to get Sunder saved!!

Sam Simon, creator of The Simpsons has spent 7 figures getting Sunder released from his living hell as he was beat daily for 7 of his 14 years of being alive at a Temple in India.

We are so glad that he has helped get this wonderful elephant some peace and he is happy now with other elephants, swimming in the ponds, touching and sqeeking and eating lots of fruit and other good food while he is healing from years of torture .

Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

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Watch what happens when this little abandoned dog, Woody is rescued!

See what happens when this little starving dog gets rescued.

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No Fun for the Elephants – Don’t take rides at the Fair!!

Bob Barker narrates this video showing elephants being poked and beaten to perform stupid tricks for humans at the circus, fairs and other events. Have Trunk Will Travek is the worst because they seem like they love and care for the elephants when they are the WORST for abuse.

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