I am ashamed to say I live in Idaho with the treatment of animals here!


Governor Butch Otter pushed through the Ag Gag bill. Shame on this Governor for giving animal abusers a pass. Hopefully he will not get reelected. Shame on him and anyone else here in the legislation that says it is OK to abuse ANY kind of animals whether it be a chicken or a cow or pig. It is NOT OK.

Bettencourt Dairies – Idaho, 2012
Hidden-camera video footage secretly recorded by an MFA undercover investigator at a Burger King cheese supplier has led to the arrest of a manager and two other workers at Bettencourt Dairies, one of the largest dairies in the country. Workers were caught on video viciously beating and shocking cows, violently twisting their tails in order to deliberately inflict pain, and dragging a downed cow by her neck using a chain attached to a tractor.

Following the ...

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Chimps retired from years of research!

The National Institute of Health has promised to retire the 200 chimps left in cages where they have had years of testing and torture. The breeding chimps have had their babies taken away from them within 24 hours. Imagine the heartbreak of the poor mother to have that happen. Imagine if your baby was taken away from you with 24 hours!! Chimps love, nurture and mourn for their children and loved ones.

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Please donate what you can to Soi Dog Rescue in Thailand

This wonderful rescue in Thailand has saved thousands of dogs from a horrible cruel fate of being skinned alive and then being cruelly killed for their meat for the dinner table in Thailand. You and help by donating what you can to save these dogs, feed them, spay and neuter them and find loving home for them. To me, it would be over whelming but John and Cindy Daley do it everyday. They are amazing people.

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Why is the world ignoring Iceland slaughtering of Fin Whales???


September 10, 2014 By David Kirby

David Kirby has been a professional journalist for 25 years. His third book, Death at Seaworld, was published in 2012.
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While the world’s attention focuses on Japan’s annual dolphin-killing season under way in Taiji, Iceland has been quietly escalating the hunting of endangered fin whales.

But no one seems to be paying much attention, according to a report released Wednesday on the eve of the annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), which enforces an international ban on the commercial hunting of whales.

“Iceland’s escalating whale hunts are clear and willful abuses of the IWC’s moratorium as well as the ban on international commercial trade in whale products,” states the report issued by the Environmental Invest...

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Shocking video of how dairy cows are abused at a dairy farm in Denver, Leprino Cheese

Warning, graphic undercover videos of how cruel and abusive workers at Leprino Dairy Farm in Denver shock, beat and drag sick downed cows to trailers to go to slaughter. This is what drinking milk and eating cheese does to these innocent animals. Go Vegan. Unless you have visited a private farm and know that these animals are being taken care of in a loving, respected way, all dairy cows are treated like numbers and milk producers until they can no longer deliver milk and then they and their babies are sent to slaughter.

Beaucraft Dairy farms of Idaho has passed the Ag Gag bill so they can continue to abuse innocent dairy cows and their babies with no justice or penalty of the law for animal abuse. There are dairy farms all over the U.S...

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Turkey are intelligent birds. Here is a turkey doing the Flamingo!

Don’t eat turkey at THanksgiving. Save a life and go Vegan or eat something else.

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Flavio, the oldest circus tiger passes away-2002 – 2014

Flavio spent his entire life in the circus. He was supposed to be one of the smartest tigers that ever performed. We are so glad he was able to spend his last days at Big Cat Rescue.
Flavio arrived at Big Cat Rescue in 2002 after retiring from the circus. He was hailed as the smartest circus tiger ever known. He performed a light and music number flawlessly for years until he decided one day that he didn’t like the other tigers and all he wanted to do was fight.

Perhaps he really was the smartest circus tiger because that bought him a ticket to retirement with us.

He is known here as having the loudest voice of any of our tigers. What sounds like loud moaning is actually just his way of communicating with all of us...

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Baby goat takes on the raging river.

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Two lions and two tigers rescued in 2007. Here is the story.


Siberian Tiger Foundation Rescue

It took the combined efforts of USDA, undercover agents and concerned citizens seven years to shut down Diana McCourt and the Siberian Tiger Foundation. It wasn’t until her landlords were able to evict her from the property that Knox County was able to seize the six cats that had been used for years as props in a “tiger training” scheme. Even though McCourt lost her USDA license to operate the tiger-tamer camp in 2000, and permanently in 2006, she continued to charge people to come into her back yard in Gambier, OH and pet the adult lions and tigers. The cats would often be chained down so that people could touch them or have their photos made with the cats. To make the cats more pliable McCourt had their teeth and claws removed...

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Meet Cameron the lion and his mate, Zabu the white tigress

Here is Cameron and Zabu, the white tigress. They came from a roadside zoo and were supposed to have been bred to produce ligers. They were both very skinny and needed nutrition and thankfully Big Cat Rescue got them 10 years ago and they are doing great.

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