Almost Wild: Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

This video features monkeys that have been rescued from research laboratories.

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The Wildcat Sanctuary in Minnesota is a wonderful sanctuary too!

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Vegan is the New Black

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Sam Simon of The SImpsons helped to get Sunder saved!!

Sam Simon, creator of The Simpsons has spent 7 figures getting Sunder released from his living hell as he was beat daily for 7 of his 14 years of being alive at a Temple in India.

We are so glad that he has helped get this wonderful elephant some peace and he is happy now with other elephants, swimming in the ponds, touching and sqeeking and eating lots of fruit and other good food while he is healing from years of torture .

Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

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Watch what happens when this little abandoned dog, Woody is rescued!

See what happens when this little starving dog gets rescued.

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No Fun for the Elephants – Don’t take rides at the Fair!!

Bob Barker narrates this video showing elephants being poked and beaten to perform stupid tricks for humans at the circus, fairs and other events. Have Trunk Will Travek is the worst because they seem like they love and care for the elephants when they are the WORST for abuse.

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If we could talk to Animals!

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The last chain is cut off Billie at TES!!

AFter years of being abused and tortured in the circus, Billie was known for attacking her trainers.
She finally learned to trust humans and Richard at The Elephant Sanctuary cut off her final chain.

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New Elephant Haven being established in Europe!

Hello eveyone. With all of the bans of exotic animals in the circuses in Europe, there is a need for an Elephant Sanctuary and the perfect piece of land has been found in Limousin, France. They need our help for donations. Please donate what you can to

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Elephant Haven – A Dream Becomes a Reality
EH 2014

We have VERY exciting news!!!

EARS, along with Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand, and Mahouts Foundation in the UK, is supporting Elephant Haven, Europe’s First Elephant Retirement Home.

The Founders of Elephant Haven, Tony Verhulst and Sofie Goetghebeur, have been working very hard for the last few years and have finally found a magnificent piece of land, which is perfect for elephants, in Limousin, France.

There are currently 141 elephants in circuses and 54...

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Spend a day with Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue

Carole Baskin is picking up some big cat toys, calling her Senators regarding voting NO for the Sportsman Act, while picking up paint at Walmart and driving home to Big Cat Rescue.

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