Anne at Longleat finally gets her new home.

Anne was an elephant that got rescued a few years ago and was retired to Longleat Safari park in ENgland. She was being video taped being beaten by an employee at BObby’s Circus. The world was horrified when they saw this innocent, defenseless elephant being beaten with a pitch fork by an idiot, mad employee. She was rescued by
International Animal Defenders. Here is her new home.

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Meet the Big Cat Rescue staff.

Big Cat Rescue is one of my favorite rescues. I am so glad the big cats end up here. It is so sad how they are abused and live in filth. At BCR, they can live in dignity.
Donate if you can and also visit when you are in Tampa, Florida.

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He’Art is an amazing rescue and hospital in Istanbul.

The cruelty to dogs and cats is so horrible. The video of Rosalie is a dog that had been abused and kept in the dark for 4 years. She is with a loving family now and has hair on her body. Mocha is another sad case where this poor puppy was tied to a tree, dragged around by boys and then they cut a hole in her throat. Donate what you can to this wonderful hospital. They do very good, compassionate work and they need your help.

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Do not EVER take a selfie with baby or adult tigers!

If you are ever tempted to sit with a tiger and have your picture taken, you are contributing to animal abuse. These are wild animals. They do not deserve to be chained, beaten starved or made to sit while stupid humans stroke them or want their pictures taken. These baby tigers belong with their mothers. THINK before you do this horrible act.

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Acts of Kindness for elephants with land mine injuries!

Man is so cruel that he makes these elephants in Thailand work in forests where there are land mines. The adult and babies get their legs blown off. Watch this documentary on the FAE Hospital that helps these innocent beings.

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3 of the Leopards at Big Cat Rescue licking a BLoodsicle. Yummy!

Here is Jumani and two other leopards at Big Cat Rescue getting a nice cold treat when it is hot. Normal motion and then in slow motion!!

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A tiny baby Orangutan meets some of the other babies.

It is so sad that orangutans lose their parents. It may be the Palm Oil industry or logging or man wanting these babies for pets. So sad.

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Here is a video from my favorite local horse rescue, Orphan Acres.

Hi everyone:
You know by now that I work here locally in Northern Idaho for Orphan acres horse rescue. I try to get there on the weekends an I help with grain, hay, alfalfa and fresh water. Watch this video to learn more.

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Don’t do TIger Selfies!

It is extremely cruel to pose with a tiger. These are wild animals and they are beaten or starved into submission. Any tigers you see in the circus or in Las VEgas have had their spirits broken with living in small cages, being chained or starved all the time.

They are used to roaming wild.

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Nosey, a 32 year old elephant still suffers!

Nosey, the elephant, owned by Hugo Liebel still suffers. It is unbelievable that he has gotten a new license for 2015 and he can continue to abuse this poor suffering elephant.
See on Facebook a page for her. Tweet for her and contact PETA and anyone you can to write letters and complain about this abuse this poor soul receives daily.

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