A couple of elephants in Chain Free Enclosure in Chitwai, loving it!!

“I’m singin in the rain” and the elephants are loving it.

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We need to get poor Nosey, a abused elephant away from her abusive owner, Hugo Liebel

I have known about Nosey for many years. I have written letters to the USDA and signed many petitions. Her owner Hugo Liebel has had 270 citations for animal abuse against this poor, lame elephant that he forces to gives elephant rides, he has her tow a loaded van and trailer out of the mud. He mocks and teases her, does give her enough food. She has skin problems. Watch this video, sign this petition and donate if you can.

Peta is meeting on September 29th to see if we can get her away from him.

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Meet the newest, tiniest baby elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya!

Last week the tiniest baby elephant we have ever had came into our care from the remote Ndoto Mountains. Rescued and brought to the Nursery by helicopter this tiny bundle got delivered wrapped in a blanket, still petal pink and new our keepers looked on in disbelief as this tiny package was unwrapped. We named him Ndotto after his home, a beautiful and remote mountain range in northern Kenya.

Why he was orphaned remains a mystery, but he was retrieved and rescued when discovered abandoned by a sympathetic Samburu community who cared for him for two days in their manyatta while they tried to get word out to the wildlife authorities. So remote is the region with no roads, that the only possible way to rescue this tiny baby was by helicopter...

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MIckey the lame cougar, gets rescued from the horrible Animal Place in Alabama.

Mickey the lame cougar has had surgery. He and other big cats as well as bears, a wolf and some lemurs were in a living hell.

Here is the story of how Jamie and Justin from Big Cat Rescue went to rescue MIckey, the lame cougar.

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Victory! The Salt Lake City horse drawn carriage business is closing it doors!!


One year ago, a horse named Jerry dropped dead from heat exhaustion and the hard life of pulling carriages. REad the story and rejoice that these horses can retire and not be slaves to this cruel industry!!

Victory! SLC carriage company shuts its doors one year after Jerry’s death

Amy Meyer
Salt Lake City
Sep 12, 2014 — On August 17, 2013, I videotaped and photographed a horse named Jerry who had collapsed on State Street in downtown Salt Lake City while pulling a carriage. Jerry could not stand on his own, and I watched as several people tied ropes to his body and dragged him into a trailer.

Following public outrage, Carriage For Hire released a photo of “Jerry” on his feet. But the horse pictured was not Jerry, it was an attempt to hide the fact that Jerry died after the incident.

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Dog shot in face and left in a bag to die by the side of the road.

Tamy Augustyn found a dog that was left to die after being shot in the face and tied to a fence post. Who could be so cruel. Watch the story about Buck, the wonderful dog, that was
found by this Angel and saved.

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Help the American Mustang (Stop BLM roundups)

Sept eA1wild Horses 2014

In late August, news broke that 75 captured wild horses died after being transferred from a long term holding pasture to a corral in western Kansas. The cause of their death? Stress, overcrowding, and rapid dietary changes.

These 75 unnecessary deaths are only the tip of the problem when it comes to America’s wild horse population. As we speak, hundreds of these majestic creatures are enduring the terrifying round-up process, which often includes extreme long-distance running, physical assault with electric prods and lunge whips, hoof loss, and low-flying helicopter chases resulting in physical exhaustion and collapse.
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These animals deserve better...

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The Lives of the American Tiger (National Geographic)

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Make kind choices when you shop -Don’t buy factory farm eggs

Chickens are intelligent, can feel pain. They normally like to build a nest and lay their eggs in private. Factory farm eggs stuff 4 or 5 chickens in one cage, living in their own filth. The stress makes them lose their feathers, peck at each other and they have their beaks burned off without pain relief. Male chicks are sent to grinders or gassed. This is such a horrible life. Buy range free eggs from happy chickens!!!


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An Update on the battle between Mayor DeBlasio and getting the horses off the streets of New York.


He would find religion and dub the horse carriage trade in NYC hands off and good to go.

So says the carriage trade. In trying to keep the status quo, they have lied and lied with the Daily News supporting and elaborating on their fantasies.


West Side Livery stable – has one means of egress

We have previously addressed the reasons why the Daily News has gone after the Mayor on this issue – and it is not their love of horses, the drivers or the industry. Click here.

In March 2014, the NYC carriage trade organized an event at their stables, which included actor Liam Neeson. A few Council Members attended. None of them knew what to look for and just went because they supported the industry anyway...

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