A Christmas Carol for the captive elephants Bamboo and Chai

Let’s get Bamboo and Chai, the captive elephants at the Woodland Park Zoo deserve to go to PAWS or TES, elephant sanctuaries where they have 2500 acres of elephant heaven.
They can roam free, swim in ponds and socialize with happy elephants that have been rescued from the zoos or the circus.

Let’s hope they do the right thing for these defenseless elephants that lost Watoto last month. They have suffered for 34 and 35 years on a third of an acre.

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BLM rounds up horses during foaling season!

Meet Jack, a one year old gelding.


EDITED TO ADD that Jack (8459) is on the BLM Internet adoption with 8377 (filly) from Jackson Mountain. To go to our page about the wild horses featured on the adoption go HERE http://wildhorseeducation.org/2014/03/09/internet-adoption/

Jack WAS adopted on the Internet adoption. We think of you all the time Jack and remain committed to helping your cousins in the wild and those in holding stay safe.

Jack’s story is the same for so many of the wild horses caught by BLM.

My name is Jack. I am a one year old mustang gelding. I spend my days at Palomino Valley Center in Nevada. As a matter-of-fact I have spent almost my entire life here.

I was born during the second week of June in an area you humans call the Jackson Mountains...

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A couple of very comfy, lazy, happy cats at Big Cat Rescue!

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Pitbull comforts injured deer until she gets rescued.

Pitbulls are so misunderstood. They are very loyal dogs that are gentle and not aggressive if trained properly. In fact, they used to be known as the Nanny dog.


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We need to get Lolita, the loneliest Orca in Miami rescued

Poor Lolita has been rotting away in the smallest tank in America for 43 years. This poor Orca should be free. She was stolen from her family just outside of Seattle and shipped to Miami Seaworld to do stupid tricks as a trained seal. It is so degrading and so abusive. She needs to get rescued and released to her pod outside of Seattle. She needs to be freed!!

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It’s Official. There will be a ban on horse drawn carriages in New York!

The News
It’s official. After a nine year campaign by grass roots advocacy groups, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has introduced a bill to ban horse-drawn carriages from the streets of NYC.

Unfortunately, NYC’s pro-carriage newspapers have not only lied about the Mayor’s motives, claiming that he’s merely re-paying a campaign donor who wants to buy the stables, but they have also largely failed to provide fair balance. If the media shared this information, then elected officials and members of the public would at least have the chance to make an informed decision about whether or not to support the Mayor’s bill.

Horses are flight animals who sometimes flee when spooked by sirens, potholes, bright colors or other stimuli...

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Gods in Shackles

Sangita Sayer is making a film called “Gods in Shackles” which features elephants that are abused, chained, starved and made to walk in festivals with many people on their back and heavy chairs and blankets. They also wear headdresses. This is all so inhumane. Please donate so she can educate the world on this abuse and get these elephants off the streets and treated more humanely. India has banned elephants in the circus but yet they are made to walk in the heat with the noise and the thousands of people banging drums, blaring horns, etc. Please donate what you can so she can get this film published.

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How Mercy for Animals got started.

Mercy for Animals is a voice for defenseless new born and other animals on factory farms that are so horribly abused and raised in their own filth to be slaughtered quickly due to antibiotics.
Watch their story:

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Pittie Mix saves his Master when he fell and passed out.

This faithful pitbull boxer mix saved his Master when he fell, hit his head and was passed out, bleeding on the floor. Chance, his dog, tried getting him up and then sprang into action.

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I was on tour at Big Cat Rescue last October.

WP_20140223_026Here I am with a group of people at Big Cat Rescue. It is so good to see how happy all of the big cats are. They have spacious enclosures, mental stimulation. They get to go on catvacation for 2 weeks on the 2 acre site where they can run on the lawn, climb trees and swim in the huge pond. Flavio is a 22 year old tiger that recently passed away and he used to have a ball playing in the fountain. They just got in Mickey, the lame cougar. He has had knee surgery and should be doing better.

A message from BCR

The late Flavio from Big Cat Rescue

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